Keto Friendly Labor Day

Hey, Y'all! 

Labor Day weekend is here and whether you are on the Keto diet or just trying to live a little healthier this weekend can be full of barbecues, pool parties, and lakeside adventures all with tempting treats. Here are some things you can take with you on your Labor Day adventures!



Keto Friendly labor day

Kebabs are a great addition to any backyard bash! They are both paleo and keto friendly PLUS they never make you feel deprived during the festivities.  


Barbecue sauce is one of those things we don't think of when we think "lots of sugar" but it can defiantly throw a wrench in your low carb plans. Try bringing your own sauce like this one that only has 25 calories and 4 carbs.  It will zest up that meat and keep you feeling satisfied. 


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Getting caught around those nagging chips and pesky pretzels can be tempting. Offer to bring a starter you can snack on like prosciutto and mozzarella, bunless burgers on a stick or some deviled eggs. This will help get you through the snacking phase and be something everyone else will enjoy too! 


keto friendly party

Sides can get starchy. Offer to bring a large salad, cauliflower rice, or this low carb potato salad that is to die for!   It will be something the whole party can enjoy and keep you on your plan. 


Going to the lake? Having an afternoon poolside? Then you probably do not want to be throwing back vodka soda midday. Opt for Truly spiked sparkling water instead. With only 100 calories per can and ONLY 1 CARB, it is hard to top this refreshing drink. Truly tastes a lot like  a la Croix so if you are not into flavored sparkling water this may not for be for you. My favorite flavors are any of the berry ones!
Side note, I almost didn't post this one only because I have the HARDEST time getting these at Target. All the basic ladies grab these up as soon as that hit the shelf! If you know of another place that I can snag these slide into my DM's and let me know! 


I hope this helps you stay on plan and able to fully enjoy this Labor Day weekend with your friends and family! 

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