Apple Cider Vinegar Lemonade

Hey, Y'all! 

Some of you know that every week I make my husband and I Apple Cider Vinegar Lemonade that is sure put a smile on your face get you detoxed daily. Enjoy! 

apple cider vinegar lemonade

Here's what you need: 

How to make the lemonade: 

  • Line the bottom of your pitcher with frozen berries ( if using a dispenser place berries inside the stainless steel infuser then place that in your container so that berries are not clogged in the dispenser)

  • Pour in Lemon Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Fill the rest of your container with water

  • Pour over Ice

  • Add Stevia to taste (I add a good amount of the liquid stevia to mine)


  • If it is too tart add a little water to cut the taste

  • I sometimes add Nuun Electrolyte/ Energy tablets to add some flavor, hydration, electrolytes, and best of all caffeine