Recap on Our Trip to Vancouver

Hey Y'all!

I am finally recovered from that post vacay cold (maybe I just missed the Canadian clean air?) but I utilized the down time to tell you guys alllllll about our trip, what we did, and where to go in Vancouver. 


First things first, I'm sure you're wondering, why Vancouver? Well, I will let you know! John was having a quick trip to Alaska and didn't want to travel all that way for just 3 days so we met in Seattle airport and flew to Vancouver to escape the Texas heat and do some Canadian exploring! 


Vancouver Trip Review




We stayed in the 7-month-old JW Marriott Vancouver and let me tell you... this place had it ALL! We are talking eight restaurants and lounges, a sixth-floor rooftop bar, award-winning spa, AND A CASINO. Yep, you read that right a FULL casino. Side note: I tried to get some epic pictures for you guys of the casino but my husband said that was "frowned upon"::shrugs::. The hotel was also in a great walking distance of all the tourist attractions Vancouver has to offer but just in case you aren't wearing those walking shoes, the hotel makes getting a taxi simple and effortless by always having at least one waiting at all times (talk about great service).


Best Vancouver Brunch

The food in Vancouver was INCREDIBLE. I am going to be starting Keto next week so I ate ALL the carbs (no regrets). Here are just a few to hit up if you are in Vancouver.... 

Chambar- We stumbled upon this little gem while passing by and let me tell ya... it was one of our favorite finds! With a live waffle station, amazing coffee, and a breakfast menu that can slay any day. We loved this quiet little garden patio and its waffley (its a word) goodness! 

Per Se Social Corner- The restaurant is just as beautiful as it is delicious! We loved the wide variety on the menu and the gorgeous interiors. You must try Affogato which is basically a root beer float but with vanilla gelato and espresso. So simple yet so tasty. 

Earls Yaletown- This was a great place to grab brunch. It had so many dishes I wanted to try, tons of cocktails, and an amazing patio. We are still talking about their artichoke dip and tasty pastas. 

Blue Water Cafe-  This. Place. Is. Amazing. If you are feeling semi-fancy and wanting an incredible meal you  HAVE to go here. The food was unbeatable and the staff was incredibly kind. Make sure to ask for Natasha. She was the best! 

Hawksworth- This is for if you are feeling v fancy. We went here the night of our 4 year meet-a-versary and it was incredible. My husband is the true definition of "foodie" and this four diamond restaurant lived up to it. The food was a work of art and the staff was 2nd to none!  


best cocktails in vancouver

Well all the listed above places also served amazing wine/ cocktails but here are two of our favorite spots while in town. 

The Victor Bar- This is located on the 6th floor of the JW Marriott and was defiantly the hot spot while we were in town. With amazing mixologists and some of the coolest interiors I've ever seen, this is a great spot for a late nightcap. If Bryce is there say hello he lived in the Dallas area for a while! 

The Keefer Bar- If one person told us I bet 76 people told us to check out the Keefer bar near China town and it lived up. We got there before we went to our dinner reservation so the crowd wasn't too bad  and the cocktails were unique, delicious, and buzz-worthy. If you are into rare whiskey or scotch this is a great place to pop into! 



Stanley Park Vancouver

There are so many areas, hidden gems, and spots to check out but I am going to stick with two tourist attractions we really enjoyed. 

Stanley Park- This park is a Bob Ross painting come to life. It has happy little trees, it has a beach, it has birds, it has all the nature! It is absolutely beautiful and if you go you have checkout the Lagoon area. 

Gas Town- If you were following my insta stories I called this Gas Lamp, Gas Light, Gas City.... I couldn't get this name down but GAS TOWN is a very cool area. It is a little touristy but it has some really great restaurants, excellent shopping,  and home of the famous steam clock! Really great vibes and a fun area to spend the entire day. 

Gas Town Vancouver what to do


All in all, it was an amazing trip! Canadians are seriously the nicest people on the planet, the rooftop gardens are a once in a lifetime experience, and if you are looking for a fun place to explore and enjoy some of the worlds BEST food then you have to check out Vancouver.