Being Fit in Fall

Hey, Y’all!
Happy Friday!

Let’s dive right in, shall we? Fitness and Fall do not typically go hand in hand… in fact I would venture to say it is one of the HARDEST seasons to diet during. Between Halloween (yes, give me all the candy and Halloween punch) and Thanksgiving (I will have 4 helpings of every casserole, please). It can be hard to stay on track and even downright discouraging when you hit the scale. Here are four tactics to keep you fit and focused in fall!

fall fitness fashion


Eat Before You Go

If you are serious about shedding those pounds, then eat before you go out. This way you aren’t absolutely STARVING and therefore tempted to grab those treats from the table or snack on that Halloween candy sitting in a dish.

Bring “diet approved” foods all will enjoy!

Unless you are dieting for a fitness competition, don’t be the person who brings 3 Tupperware containers of food and makes everyone feel bad for enjoying the party…. BUT bring something that is on your diet that all can enjoy! Anything from Keto Pumpkin Pie to a basic veggie tray will help you stay clear of those tempting treats.

Know When You Will Cheat

I am a HUGE believer in your mental game when dieting. For example, if you know that you are going to a party where Carol makes those amazing Rice Crispy Treats, that you only get ONE time a year, plan on cheating that night. The key part of this is being AWARE that you are going to cheat. This will prevent you from beating yourself later on and let you enjoy!

Have Grace With Yourself

This ties into the last point but having grace with yourself is SO important. We all have slip ups and the holiday season seems to always be tempting us. If you overindulge don’t beat yourself up but rather be aware and know that you will need to cut back for the next couple of days to balance back out. Don't let one cheat meal cause you to throw in the towel on your fitness goals.

Hopefully, this helps to keep you on track and to be a little kinder to yourself while you are making progress!