Fall Fashion Trends

fall fashion trends 2018


Can you believe it’s already October?!? I am still casually writing 2017 on things… I gotta get it together! Fall is one of my favorite seasons for so many reasons and the fashion has be at the top of that list!

Here are some of my favorites trends this fall as well as more details on this look:

Camo– ::singing “I’m a Survivor” at the top of my lungs:: This trend has me feeling all the Destiny Childs vibes and I just can’t get enough. In fact, I almost did a post strictly on all the camo stuff that has taken over my closet (maybe I still will)! This trend is so fun and these pants make a statement but can pair well with just about any color. Oh, and did I mention they are less than $30 bucks?! They are a must-have!

Wearing Size 4

Denim Jacket – Denim Jackets are back and you can rock them in just about any color, cut, and style right now to stay on trend. This jacket was a little higher price point then what I share with y’all but the way I see it, this is an investment piece that will be on trend for the next several seasons. Splurge a little!

Wearing Size Small

Bodysuits– Show off that waste girl! I love this bodysuit and if you give it a try, it will become a staple in your closet. Wear it under denim, leather, or even a blazer. I also just ordered this one that is only $15! I love a good dupe.

Wearing Size Small

Chunky heels– And all of our feet REJOICE! Chunky heels, boots, and sneakers are IN. No suffering in stilettos for us this season! Plus I love rose gold anything and think these add a pop to take this look to date night.

Tortoiseshell- YAS!!!! I love classic tortoiseshell. I feel like it is one of those patterns that is always in (but it is a perk that it is trending this season). It goes with absolutely EVERYTHING and makes accessorizing a breeze. I will definitely be showing y’all some of my fav tortoiseshell finds throughout the season!

Shop this look and enjoy all of these trends! Did I mention I LOVE fall?!