Hopping Around With StudioHop

Hey, Y’all!

Last month I challenged myself to try some fun/ more unique StudioHop Classes to get ready for the beach and boy was it a challenge! I knew this would push me physically but I had no idea how much trying a new class can challenge you mentally. Going into a new place, trying out something athletic that I have never done before, and just navigating through a different gym all gave me more anxiety than I imagined BUT it was extremely rewarding once I was finished with the challenge. Post Challenge, I wanted to share a little more about the classes I tried AND give y’all a promo code if you are interested in trying out some new classes!

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The Ridehouse

Level: Beginner Friendly | Vibes: Fun Upbeat | Equipment Needed: Spin Shoes (They Have them to rent)
This class is always a great time and has become one of my favorite go-to’s!
It is seriously a dance party on wheels. If you have not been you have to go checkout one of their many “themed” rides asap!

Hip-Hop Flow (We Yogi)

Level: Intermediate- Advanced | Vibes: Yoga meets Post Malone | Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat (They Have them to rent)
This one is hard to review because it was my very first yoga class and it was a few notches above a beginner.
If you are already into the yoga scene this is a must! The hip-hop music was still very laid back and the beat gave it more of an energizing atmosphere versus traditional yoga. Once I get some yoga skills I am on my way back!

Pure Barre

Level: Beginner Friendly | Vibes: Energizing Challenging | Equipment Needed: Sticky Socks
I had never done a barre classes before so I really went into this one blind. It turned out to be a lot of fun! It is basically tiny movement that take your muscles to burnout (when I first heard tiny movements I thought easy and boy was I wrong). This is one of those classes you definitely feel the next day and they accommodate every fitness level.

Ballet Burn

Level: Beginner Friendly | Vibes: Fun/High Energy | Equipment Needed: None
This might have been my favorite class to try! I really do not know how to describe it at all. Pilates, meets yoga, with dance/ ballet technique? Not having the most poise and dance skills I was very nervous to try this class out and it turned out to be a fav! The owner was very friendly and made you feel right at home. If something was a little more advanced she was quick to instruct the newbies on what they could do as an alternative. If you are looking for a unique total body experience this is a great option!

Studio 6

Level: Beginner Intermediate | Vibes: Challenging/Upbeat | Equipment Needed: Sticky Socks (They Have them to rent)
I did the “Megaformer” class and it was an awesome high energy workout that focuses on total body fitness. I have only been the one time and would advise any beginners to get there early to learn a little bit about the machine before just hoping into a 50 min class (basically learn from my mistakes…). I have

Edge Fitness

Level: Beginner/Intermediate | Vibes: Challenging/ Fast Pace | Equipment Needed: None
This HIIT Class is one of my go-to’s. It is only a 30 minute class but it packs a punch. Perfect for anyone on the go!
Here is a video about how the workout works:


Ready to get started?

Each class I tried was a ton of fun and really helped me to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.
Just incase you are wanting to try it out here are some more details….
I am currently on the Pro+Prime membership which allows me to visit any of the studio level including the “premiere” ones up to 20 times a month. They also have basic plans, al la carte, and unlimited plans (here is the pricing guide) If you would like to try out StudioHop use promo code ItsKeliJean to get $20 off your first month!