Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Ok, confession time? This is one of those blogs where I am preaching at myself… I am the WORST at remembering to clean my brushes! It is just one of those tasks that I can’t seem to rally behind. However, after doing research on brush cleaning I found several reasons why we need to clean them.

  1. Bacteria- You can spend all the money in the world on better skincare but if your brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria then your skin will be the first thing to suffer. If you are experiencing clogged pores, acne breakouts, dry skin, and even some rashes this could be because of those dirty brushes!

  2. Cakey Makeup- Cakey brushes lead to the appearance of grey or dingy makeup, which I don’t think is the look any of us are trying to rock!

  3. Brush infestations- I love the movie A Bug’s Life but y’all… when I read this… I was shooketh. Micro bugs could be living and thriving in that blush brush and if that isn’t a reason clean them then I am not sure what is! Eek!!

  4. Brush Life- Brushes/ sponges are a pricey investment. If you are not cleaning them then the makeup buildup will cause the brushes to get more abrasive and result in breakage. Cleaning them will keep them soft and restore them to how they are designed to be used.

  5. Better Makeup Application- With that ancient makeup that has built up in your brushes, you are not going to get the full potential your brushes can offer. The old makeup can make it harder to blend, use color precision, and get a smooth application.


How to clean your makeup brushes

-Moisten the bar with water before cleansing. 
-Lather up brush bristles or sponge and then swirl on the silicone pad to clean. 
-Place brush under running water and sweep back and forth on the pad to remove makeup residue and soap. 
-Rinse off soap residue. 
-Reshape brush bristles and lay flat to dry or hang upside down
-Allow the bar to dry completely before reusing.