My Weight loss Story - The Why

Yall, we are one week into 2019! Wahoo we made it!

Last week I shared with you about my “what” happened to cause me to make a change when it comes to my weight, this time I am sharing my “why”. I think that having your “why” (aka what motivates you) is critical to any goal and especially weight loss. Before I share this I want to mention that I am being 100% honest with what my motivation was (good, bad or indifferent) and in the future I will do another post breaking down different motivation methods but for now I will try to keep this light!


We are all motivated differently and when it comes to success in weight loss you have to find whatever it is that motivates and speaks to YOU personally. For me when I heard those girls call me “the fat girl” I knew that was not who I wanted to be and those words did not align with my goals. I had dreams of being on the drill team, being on the cover of a magazine, competing in a pageant, being in a musical and even singing at Disney World. At that moment, I realized that my outside not only contradicted who I felt I was on the inside but it also didn’t align with the dreams and aspirations I had in my heart.

Now you see, I have had a lot of people try to tell me that I gave in to the bullies or I tried to let other people label me OR I fell into what the world defines as “pretty” but y’all, I did not NEED to be the fat girl to get to my goals. It was simply an obstacle holding me back. Call me vain, call me insecure, call me giving in but I think when we have those wakeup call moments they don’t often come from a perfect or positive experience. I think it’s ok to let some of that hurt and passion push you into becoming who YOU want to be. I think it's ok for a little vanity to motivate you. I think it is ok to let whatever uniquely inspires you to do just that!

I believe that in order for you to have genuine success in weight loss then you have to find the motivation that really drives YOU. Because, when you have your "why" that you are just unapologetically pursuing then you will be successful. Find your "why" and the "how" WILL come.

Below I listed some ways that I think are positive and healthy examples of motivations versus some unhealthy or even unrealistic ways you could be setting yourself up for failure.

Positive & Healthy Motivations:

  • Your Health

  • Training for a Sport (marathon, triathlon, etc.)

  • Fitting Into Your Old Jeans

  • Looking Your Best for an Upcoming Event

  • Keeping Up With Your Kids

  • Feeling Better About Yourself in a Swimsuit

  • Having More Energy

  • To Be a Good Role Model 

  • To Increase Self-Confidence 

  • To Feel Strong  

  • Self-Pride 

  • To Enjoy Having Your Picture Taken 

  • So That People Can See The Real YOU 

Negative & Unhealthy Motivations:


  • To Look Like Someone Else (example: “I want to lose 20 pounds to look like Gisele”)

  • For Thigh Gap

  • To Become a Size You Aren’t Designed for (I will never be a double zero and girl that’s fine)

  • To Weigh a Certain Weight That is Unhealthy For You

  • Because Someone Is Pressuring You

What is your “WHY” this year
to lose the weight?