Two Week Health Push

Hey, Y’all!

So yesterday I posted on my instagram story asking if you guys think we should do a “two week diet” to get ready for the holidays. I think diet is the wrong word for this but how about…. 2 week health push? Now before you shut me down… here is my reasoning:

2 week diet
  • First of all, you will be going to a lot of parties soon and seeing people that you may not have seen since the last year. When I don’t feel good about me I don’t usually feel good at those events and while losing a few pounds might not make heads turn, it will make YOU feel better about YOU.

  • Treat Yo’ Self. If you lose 3-4 pounds in 2 weeks then gain 5 pounds during the holidays (it happens to the best of us), then you are only really up ONE pound heading into the New Year!

  • Here is how I am about to trick y’all…. If you start losing some pounds now, it will make you a little more health conscious during the holidays. Imagine not gaining ANYTHING this season! :)

So we have some solid reasoning but let’s talk about how…. Here are some practical tips that I could literally write a blog on each bullet point. For now though, we will keep it broad tips that you can easily apply during this two week push!

  • Fasted Cardio- Before you eat anything hit the gym! Fasted cardio has been shown to burn up to 30 times more fat than working out after eating. So first things first HIT the gym or try out a new class with Studio Hop!

  • At Least 60 oz of Water- I am SO preaching to myself on this. Water does so much for us besides the obvious hydration. It is key to burning fat and ya just got do it!

  • Evening Carbs- You don’t have to go full keto over the next two weeks but I have had the best success with no carbs (besides veggies) after 4PM and having a fairly light dinner. It’s not always easy but it is worth it!

  • Tracking- No matter if you are counting calories, carbs, fat, or weight watcher points, tracking what you eat during the day I believe is the true key to success. I use My Fitness Pal app but there are now TONS of new apps out there you can try! If there is one you like better let me know. I love trying new things!

There are all my pro tips! Nothing too hard. No crazy juice detox. Nothing you can’t handle for two weeks. If you follow these (or at least most of these) I can almost guarantee you will see results before you dive into that turkey! Good luck and just do it girl. It will be one thing you can thank yourself for on Thanksgiving.

All good things,